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12 Tips to Make Sure you Get the Best Quality Argan Oil!

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The Argan Market has wanted to address this topic for a long time, it seems there a lot of bogus and false marketing around so let make it crystal clear what is good quality Argan Oil.

The marketing hype has made even big companies produce many different products that actually very little to do with real argania spinosa kernel oil. On the high wave of Argan Oil popularity, there are many producers claiming their products to be “100% Pure Argan Oil”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of brands not worth your money.

Premium Quality Argan Oil only comes from Morocco

Argan oil is relatively rare oil as it can be only gathered in Morocco and the production process is time and effort consuming, so good quality Argan Oil can't actually be cheap. Berber women in rural areas of Morocco put their heart and soul in every liter of the oil produced, so I personally would not just go for the price. I would test out different ones and really feel, smell and try out which is the best. 

We see a lot of diluted products and low-quality oils out there. Even wholesale companies and producers in China and India claim to have great Argan Oil. Out of curiosity tried and tested many, unfortunately, have not found anything what I actually would put on my skin in the longer term. It has been more like watery vegetable oil and not reminiscent to real Argan Oil at all :( Most drugstore "Argan Oils" come from these producers in India and China, so we really do not recommend buying these bad quality dupes. But the real deal is actually worth every penny you pay, so it is wise to invest into something you put on your hair and skin.

argan oil morocco wholesale

Argan Fruit, Argan Nuts, Kernels and freshly made Argan Oil!

But how to know if the product is worth the money or not?

Here are 12 tips to know your Argan Oil is the "real deal":

1. The Scent of Argan Oil

Good quality Argan Oil usually has a nutty aroma. Some would say that it would remind them popcorn or rubber band. No worries, the scent disappears on the skin in a couple of minutes and I personally like the smell. Good quality Argan Oil is never deodorized, it removes the sent but also the important nutrients.

On the other hand, if Argan Oil that smells absolutely awful, it should obviously be avoided. It has probably gone rancid, to ensure freshness, keep the cap of the dropper screwed on to your bottle well!

In conclusion, avoid very strong smelling or odorless oil!

2. The Colour of Argan Oil

Color is a very important factor here, your Argan Oil should be golden or light orange color. If the oil is transparent or very pale yellow, it is probably mixed with other cheaper oils.

argan oil color

3. The Texture

Argan Oil should be gliding on the skin and definitely not have watery consistency. Look for a smooth and silky texture, that disappears into the skin.

Even if you have skin conditions the oil should never sting when put on the irritated areas. It should bring relief instead.

4. The Sediment

Argan Oil is all natural product and everything that comes with nature usually has its own characteristics. A small amount of sediment in your wholesale argan oil is actually a good sign.

5. The Price Tag

Everything comes with a price tag. Do you want Argan oil or vegetable oil? You usually get what you pay for. As Argan Oil is difficult to make, the price is a good indicator of the quality of Argan Oil.

If Argan Oil (argania spinosa) is mentioned as one of the last ingredients on the label of an expensive skincare brand, it is probably not worth your money if you are looking for pure Argan Oil.

6. Fair Trade and ECOCERT

Your Argan Oil should always be Fair Trade, this means that the people doing the actual work of making the oil will have proper incomes as well! Argan Oil has the important role of supporting the Berber women in rural communities in Morocco, so don't look at the price only but ask how it is produced!

Your Argan Oil should also have an ECOCERT Certificate to ensure the quality.

7. Real Argan Oil needs to be non-deodorised

Be cautious with Argan Oil that does not have any scent, it probably won't help in any way, at least not in beauty and skincare department.

The deodorizing process removes Argan Oil healing and restorative properties! In a nutshell, you are pouring your money down the drain if you buy the scentless deodorized Argan Oil!

8. Take the time to read the list of Ingredients

100% pure Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil is what you are looking for on the ingredient list of a pure 100% Argan Oil. Nothing more.

No fragrances, No preservatives, No paraffin, definitely no water!

9. Check the Packaging

Wholesale Argan Oil is usually packed in plastic containers, so we would suggest repackaging the product as soon as possible after you receive it. Plastic containers are perfect for transportation but for long-term storing amber glass bottles are the best.

Retail Argan Oil should ALWAYS be in a dark glass bottle! Please do not buy Argan or any other beauty oil in a plastic transparent packaging.

11. And the most important part that says it all

The results! When I first tried Argan Oil, I treated it like any other oil coming from the beauty industry, I was skeptical. As I am very eager to try out new products and see the result (or in some case none appearing), I continued to use it. In around 10 days I would see a total change in my skin. It was literally glowing! Meanwhile, I have tried and tested many argan oils but it is exactly the same oil from the exact same producer we are selling until now and we have never looked back!

12. I know it is sad but your Argan oil won't last forever

Like most natural products it will go rancid at some point

How long is the shelf life of Argan Oil?

The Argan Market Argan Oil goes out to the customers from the production as fresh as possible, so the shelf life would be the longest possible for the producer and also all our clients. Argan Oil shelf life is 3 years from the production date.

Here are tips to keep your "Liquid Gold" for longer:

- don't leave your Argan Oil in Bathroom, it does not like temperature changes
- store in an amber bottle and in cool temperature
- it should be sealed in an airtight container
-don't leave your Argan Oil under direct sunlight.


Needless to say that The Argan Market 100% Pure Argan Oil ticks all the boxes of Premium quality Oil mentioned previously. Perfect way of testing out The Argan Market Argan Oil is ordering your own Sample Pack!

How to use Argan Oil?

Cosmetic Argan Oil is one of the best things out there you can give to your skin. It works as a face moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, whole body moisturizer and a treatment for acne. Argan Oil comedogenic rate is zero so it won't clog your pores and it is perfect for acne prone skin!

Face and Body

- Apply a few drops and massage generously onto face and body at night
- Acne scar treatment, massage a few drops of oil on the scarred areas
- Can also be used for massage


- Apply a few drops on dry or wet hair.
- For hair growth, massage onto the scalp and leave overnight; wash in the morning.

Order 100% Pure ECOCERT Fair Trade Argan Oil from Morocco!

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