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Rose Water Step by Step Hair Guide + DIY Hair Treatment

rose water


If you have been using Rose Water so far only on your face, then there is a news for you! Rose Water is also great for hair. Rose Water naturally conditions and hydrates the hair and scalp because it is rich in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E.  If your hair is brittle or frizzy, no problem, we got it!  Let us tell you how with The Argan Market step by step guide:


Step 1:

Pre Shampoo 


Lightweight Rose Water treatment will liven up all hair types, especially good for dry and damaged hair.



Directions: Mix all ingredients together and pour into an amber spray bottle.

Apply generously to wet hair and scalp. Massage for at least 2-3 minutes and leave in the hair for 15-30 minutes. Continue with washing.


Step 2:

Diluting Shampoo

Use it for diluting your shampoo instead of regular water and you will get the softest hair. Especially good for dry and brittle hair and when you have overdone with dying, your blonde or frizzy locks will be so much more hydrated.

For extra nourishment use Step 1 Rose Water Treatment as pre-shampoo.

Step 3:

After Shampoo/Conditioner Rinse.

Or after Conditioner Rinse, your choice! Just take a cup of Rose Water and rinse your hair with it. Do not rinse. Gently towel dry your hair and follow up with after wash treatment.


Step 4:

After washing treatment.

Use a drop of Argan Oil to tame frizz or split ends, warm up the oil in palms of your hands before applying. Argan Oil adds shine if applied to dry hair, if you want more nourishing properties, add to towel dry hair. Style as usual.

If your hair is fine or lacks volume use Prickly Pear Seed Oil instead, it is very light and won't weigh your hair down.

Step 5:

Relive for itchy scalp or Refreshing Hair in between shampoos

Rosewater can be used in a spray bottle or spritzer to treat dry, frizzy hair. If your hair is dry focus more on the hair ends. If the scalp is problematic try to spritz on the roots. One added bonus of Rose Water is that it won't weight your hair down and it is very lightweight.

Rose Water will also refresh your hair in between washes, just sprits and blow-dry your hair.


After these 5 easy steps, your hair will be more shiny and hydrated!

Hope you have enjoyed this guide! Let us know in the comments which DIY recipes you would like to try out.


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