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Organic Beauty Wholesale

About The Argan Market

We provide Premium Quality, highest rate organic Clay Masks, Hydrosols, Essential Oils, Natural Shampoos, Body Products and top quality cold-pressed Oils. Our produce is sourced from EcoCert Certificated women's Cooperatives and is 100% Pure and Organic, cruelty-free and contains no colorants or additives! You will receive the freshest organic products directly from the source - Morocco!

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I ordered Ghassoul Clay and Rose Water for my salon. I really loved the Clay mixed with heavenly fragrant Rose Water, left my skin so soft and rejuvenated. Black Soap with Eucalyptus is great as well. Would definitely recommend these products.

Lee from Paris

The best Argan and Almond oil I have ever used (and I have tried many :) Does wonders for my skin, nails and tames my frizzy hair. Also my spa clients really see the quality difference with these oils. Loved the DHL fast shipping as well, very convenient. Thank you! 

Emily from Perth

Prickly Pear Oil was a new discovery for me. I added the oil to my evening beauty routine for 14 days and I could really see the difference. Fine lines are gone and the skin looks really radiant. Well worth trying out!

Iman from Dubai

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